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No Refunds. No Guarantees.
Anyone who shares C.A.M.P. content or this sales page with anyone outside of the group will be kicked out immediately.
Here's What You'll Get When You Lock In Your Year-long C.A.M.P Membership Today:
  • "Clicks Into Customers 2.0" - The 2017 Customer Acquisition Blueprint for Social Media Advertising.
  • "YouTube Advertising For G.E.N.E.I.U.S.ES Training" - A 4-part training that will teach you how to execute, optimize, and scale your YouTube ads.
  • The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Workbook - We're going to mail you the exact templates, processes, and exercises we use to create bad-ass advertising campaigns for any business in any niche with any budget. All in one workbook.
  • *NEW* Campaign Downloads - We've got new niches and new ads being uploaded weekly for you to copy and paste! 
  • Weekly Live Campaign Reviews - Every Tuesday, Billy hosts a new live training where he breaks down and reviews actual campaigns from the C.A.M.P. community.
  • Weekly Sales Trainings - Along with the Campaign Reviews, Billy includes a new lesson on Sales and Prospecting that will help you grow and scale your business.
  • Weekly Office Hours - Come with questions and leave with answers in this webinar style hangout... or just come and listed to the questions of other members. If you can't make the live call, don't worry we'll upload the time-stamped replay!
  • Support - Access to phone and email support from real people, who have managed hundreds of real ad accounts. We even make it easy to schedule a 15 minute 1-on-1 with one of our C.A.M.P. counselors.
  • Private Facebook Group - Exclusive access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and some of the world's smartest marketers. Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.
  • Want Us To Give You Clients? We get dozens of businesses asking us to do their marketing for them almost daily. For C.A.M.P. members that are eligible, at times we may refer you business. This is completely under the discretion of Billy Gene and we are promising you absolutely nothing. Having said that, we have a lot of partners who discover a lot of untapped booty because of it. Certified Partners can simply log into our Certified Partner Application Vault to see the list of available clients and submit a request for the ones they'd like to work with. 
Need help? Contact Support: info@askbillygene.com or (888) 557-9691
Have Questions Before You Lock It In Another Year?
See Below For Some Clarity
How much is C.A.M.P.?
$2,500 for your second full year. If you forego this offer, it will never be available again.

Do I still get to renew for the $2,500 price when my 3rd year comes around?
No, this is a one time offer for 1 year.

Can we call in to renew our 2nd year?
Yes! Call us at 888-557-9691.

What if I just started?
Purchasing another year at this price point, on this page, will add on another year for you starting at the date your 1st year of C.A.M.P. ends. This offer will not be available again.

How long will my membership last?
$2,500 is good for 1 additional year of C.A.M.P.

What is included?
Clicks Into Customers 2.0
The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Workbook 
Weekly LIVE Campaign Reviews & G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Search 
The Greatest Support That's Ever Existed
Campaign Downloads
Certified Partner Program To Give You Clients (only if eligible)

Is The Gene Pool included?
No, Gene Pool is a separate world :) Let us know if you haven't taken your free trial yet.

What is a Certified Partner?
For C.A.M.P. members that are eligible, at times we may refer you business. This is completely under the discretion of Billy Gene and we are promising you absolutely nothing. Having said that, we have a lot of partners who discover a lot of untapped money because of it.

Does it cost extra to become a Certified Partner?
No, Certified Partner status is FREE if you meet the criteria.

How do I become a Certified Partner?
Partner certification is currently on hold until we have our new test created. However, you will need to be a C.A.M.P. Member, Gene Pool Member, have watched all of the trainings in both platforms and Clicks Into Customers, pass the online test, show successfully ran campaigns, and show proven sales success.
How do you determine who gets the leads when everyone requests them?
It will be a mixture of first come, first serve and if you have proven experience in the niche.

What is the revenue split going to be with the partners?

Will there be new Campaign Downloads?
Yes! We will continue adding new campaign samples.

What is the difference between The Gene Pool, Clicks Into Customers 1.0, Clicks Into Customers 2.0, and C.A.M.P.?
The Gene Pool:
Teaches our members 1 marketing skill each month like persuasive writing, video marketing, Facebook ads, and sales to name a few. We have weekly online live trainings with Billy Gene and 1 guest speaker related to that skill every month.

Clicks Into Customers 1.0:
Teaches those enrolled how to do what our agency does. We teach you the ins and out of Facebook advertising, and how to generate sales and leads for your business and your clients' businesses.

Clicks Into Customers 2.0 teaches:
 Facebook Fundamentals of 2017
Manufacturing Fame
YouTube Remarketing
The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Process
"Facebook Live" For Profit
The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Workbook
Facebook Messenger Ads
Email Marketing
Instagram Ads
Facebook "Lead Ads"
Campaign Strategies
NEW Facebook Guidelines & Compliance
Payment Processing
NEW Targeting Strategies
ClickFunnels & LeadPages

C.A.M.P. (Customer Acquisition Master Program):
Includes CIC 1.0 & 2.0, full support from our team, proven ad campaigns from many popular industries, weekly live trainings with Billy Gene, weekly Office Hours with the team, and more.